3 Strategies for Streamlined Permitting, Construction, and Code Enforcement

Did you miss our webinar? We sat down with Joe Costa, retired Director of Code Enforcement for 10+ years, to discuss three surefire ways to streamline your permitting processes. Joe is extremely passionate about how integrating communication between departments increases access to information, making decision-making easier than ever. His passion for creating efficiency in local government makes him a valuable voice on this topic. If you’re looking to modernize your office, start with these three things:

1. Create a public-facing portal

A public-facing portal is a digital platform that enables residents and businesses to engage with municipal processes online. It serves as a central hub where citizens can submit, track, and manage applications and related documents, offering them the convenience of digital interaction and reducing the need for physical visits to the office. 

In Joe’s experience, implementing self-serve portals helps decrease office traffic and phone calls, freeing up staff time to focus on more nuanced citizen requests. Public portals simplify citizens' applications, decreasing request resubmittal. Citizens can also check the status of these requests online, 24/7. Finally, citizen portals increase accessibility to Town Hall. Residents who work or struggle to find child care can now easily access your department’s services online, helping you reach more citizens.

2. Track processes online using software

Some software offers the ability to track and manage processes on the backend. Online permit tracking offers numerous benefits to municipalities by providing a streamlined system for managing and monitoring the progress of permit applications. 

These tracking systems help you easily manage tasks and approvals. Notably, some software solutions, like SDL Connect, can streamline your inspection process from start to finish. Citizens can apply for permits and schedule their associated inspections through your citizen portal. From there, you can track payments, inspection progress, approvals, and permit issuance on the backend.

3. Store and retrieve files digitally

You’d be surprised how many local governments still use an all-paper filing system. Joe used to spend hours sifting through paper files to find permit records and property history. Eventually, Joe switched to a digital filing system, tagging files to their associated property address for easy retrieval. Digital filing helps to ensure no files get lost, there are no unnecessary duplicates, and files are quickly searchable. This also allows for organized, indefinite digital storage.

How SDL Connect Can Help

If you want to automate your office, start with citizen portals, tracking software, and digital storage. Joe has found this strategy to be successful in multiple towns. To talk to one of our local government modernization experts, schedule a 15-minute call by clicking the link below.

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