Complaint Management

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Streamline Complaints From Issue Reporting To Resolution

Say goodbye to using post-its and emails to manage your complaints. SDL Connect simplifies the entire process from issue reporting to resolution.

Our comprehensive solution empowers residents to report concerns and monitor progress online, while providing departments with the tools they need to efficiently manage, assign, track and resolve issues whether they are in the office or out in the field.

How We Help Your Office Staff

SDL’s out-of-the-box complaint management solution offers building departments predefined templates and workflows that can be configured to meet your needs.

Accept Complaints Online

Empower residents to report concerns online through SDL’s citizen-facing platforms, ensuring real-time issue reporting and saving time on data entry.

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How We Help Your Field Staff

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SDL’s mobile app makes it easy for employees to investigate and address concerns in the field using a smartphone or tablet.

Manage Complaints

Staff can use the app to manage complaints and access details such as complainant information, location, description and any accompanying photos.

How We Help Your Community

Use SDL’s public-facing platforms to give residents the option to report concerns in person or online.

Online Issue Reporting

Residents can use SDL's citizen-facing platforms to report issues in real-time to their county or municipality. As part of this process, the complainant can provide a detailed description of the issue, photos and location information.

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