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Flexible Form Builder For All Departments

We understand citizen engagement looks different from department to department. SDL Connect was built to accommodate these differences.

With our flexible form builder, we give you the building blocks to easily create forms, applications, permits or licenses for specific use cases such as Child Care Assistance Programs, Parking Permits, Recycling & Trash Permits or Job Applications.

How We Help Your Office Staff

Our flexible form builder helps you get your paper applications and submissions online quickly. 

Intuitive, Digital Form Builder

Use our drag-and-drop editor to create your own digital forms and incorporate processes to meet your needs. Our forms go beyond a traditional contact form, including features such as online payments, electronic signatures, identity verification and secure document uploads.

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How We Help Your Community

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Use SDL’s public-facing platforms to move paper-processes online, giving residents the option to choose between in-person and digital interactions.

Convenient Engagement Options

Meet citizen expectations for convenient online services with SDL’s citizen facing portal and mobile app. Our digital applications can also be added to your municipal website, providing a seamless way for visitors to submit applications directly through your website.

Flexible Form Builder

Our clients have used our form builder to successfully transition over 200 different internal and external forms off paper and into streamlined digital processes. Examples include:

  • Child Care Assistance Applications
  • Snowmobile Permits
  • Pet Licenses
  • No Knock Registries
  • Parking Permits
  • Garage Sale Permits
  • Bulk Pickup Requests
  • Trash/Recycling Applications
  • Security Alarm Registrations
  • Temporary Use Applications
  • Job Applications
  • IT Hardware/Software Requests
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