Lambertville City, New Jersey

In response to the pandemic, Lambertville's Deputy Clerk wanted to give residents the option to skip the trip to city hall and submit applications online.

Using SDL’s digital form builder, the city began replacing its paper applications with digital forms. Using SDL’s website integration, the city seamlessly incorporated the forms into their website, allowing visitors to submit forms through the website that could immediately be processed, managed and tracked in SDL’s software.

The Clerks Department has seen many benefits, including:

Increased participation in parking permits, bulk pick-up requests, and other online services
Simplified form tracking, enabling staff to find information faster when responding to residents, professionals, or OPRA requests
Shortened and simplified forms for residents by incorporating validation rules
Flexibility to require fields, reducing the occurence incomplete submissions
Ability to make changes on the fly and the next applicant will see the updated form

We’ve seen an increase in participation across the board in everything we’ve done.

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