Schenectady County, New York

While the county’s departments generally operate in silos, budgeting for and finding their own software vendors, the CIO sought out to find a flexible software solution that could meet the needs of all of its departments and offer a single destination for citizen services.

Schenectady County’s IT Department ultimately partnered with Spatial Data Logic, using SDL Connect to create a cohesive user experience for its staff and citizens.

Problems solved by SDL:

Established a single, public-facing portal that all 52 county departments can use to offer services online
Facilitated online credit card payments
Replaced paper forms and processes
Reduced foot traffic to the county
Offered a budget-friendly solution for all departments
Alleviated IT headaches associated with vetting and supporting multiple software providers
Enabled county departments to securely collect, store and view sensitive information and documents (example: birth certificates)
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SDL Connect has integrations that allow the county to accept online payments, secure documents, schedule appointments, apply e-signatures and create workflows, making our programs and services more accessible to our constituents.

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SDL Connect is a product of Spatial Data Logic.

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